To Get Revenge on a Narcissist, Must Do This

I know how bad you want to get revenge on a narcissist.

Believe me, I know.

You’re probably not even a vengeful person! If you were, you probably wouldn’t be here because a narcissist would have found you an undesirable partner.

So where has all of this come from? What do you do with all of these feelings?

There’s some sort of indignity in everything you’re going through right now. So many emotions, so much loss.

It’s not just that they lie. It’s not just that they cheat. It’s not even that they degrade and humiliate us, purposely trying to hurt us. It’s that they intentionally gained our trust first before doing these things. It’s that they knowingly hurt us and looked us in the eyes while doing it. It’s that they made us look and feel as if there is something wrong with us for feeling hurt and angry over being treated this way and make themselves out to be the victims. It’s that they move on so quickly, completely unscathed by a relationship that left us in emotional tatters.

We’re left astounded by the magnitude of the wrongs done to us.

There may be material loss as well, and we may be dealing with financial or legal consequences or struggling to put our lives back together after our stability has been disrupted in areas such as our housing or jobs.

Yes, I know… there’s a part of us that wants to see it all come crashing down for them. How is it possible that we gave them everything and they can walk away, not only as if it doesn’t matter, not only leaving us with so little, but with so many around them not even knowing or understanding what happened?

So we are left wondering: is there any way to make them feel the consequences of their actions?

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